ENSLAVED announces European tour dates for October 2010: - 17/06/10 19:34

“It is with great enthusiasm we can announce these European dates of our “Circling Above and Within" Tour! Enslaved is a band that enjoys being on the road like nothing else, we do take pride in being a hard working and increasingly energetic and focused live band. We are also very pleased with our new album (why be modest?) due to be out in connection with this tour – and cannot wait to perform the tracks live!"


Official Enslaved Myspace

Official Enslaved Facebook page

Arch Enemy & Enslaved in the UK next week cancelled! - 23/04/10 17:21

"We can’t begin to express how disappointed we are for the Arch Enemy dates in the U.K. not happening next week. In Arch Enemy’s case this represents a postponement, but right now it looks like Enslaved has commitments that won’t make us able to be part of the re-scheduled dates. The upside is that these commitments do include us playing live in other settings – we really hope to see everybody on the road during 2010!"

Ivar & Enslaved

Ivar Bjornson Checks In From The Studio - Blog No. 3 - 22/03/10 14:04

Studio report #3 from ENSLAVED 2010
It has been a while, hasn’t it? Again, I would like to start off by thanking everybody out there for the feedback that keeps pouring in! It is highly motivating to see that so many more than just us guys in the band are enthusiastic about the making of the new album.

Vocals should be more or less done by today; I stopped by the studio earlier this morning where Herbrand were warming up to do some clean vocals. I’ve so far only heard two of the tracks with complete vocals, and that was totally amazing to hear. It was last Tuesday, and a very important day for the album: Truls Espedal, the brilliant artist that has made every Enslaved front cover since “Monumension” forwards – came to Bergen to go through the concept and lyrics with me and Grutle. We are always looking forward to these meetings, where Truls is making rapid sketches as we talk about the overall structures and listen to rough mixes made so far. This time was no exception – we found a common red thread more or less immediately and worked out the whole plan for the upcoming cover and the various formats. Truls is reaching an almost ridiculous technical level – he changed from pencil drawings to painting some years back (if I am not mistaken, “Isa” was the last to be done with pencil, and “Ruun” the first in paint) and he has worked extremely hard to develop his painting. Or those who haven’t seen his work outside Enslaved, go check out, and in the member sections of

Anyways, Herbrand prepared some rough mixes we could listen to also – which Truls seemed to find very inspirational. I ended up drinking wine and listening to the two completed tracks over and over again until the early hours of Wednesday. It has been some years since a new album got to me that intensely like this new one is. Time will tell if it affects others as much. The vocals are simply brilliant, to sum it up. Grutle’s scream- and growl vocals are surely at some new level also; something is definitely going on here hehe.

Last weekend Grutle and I took a trip to the county of Sveio; three hours south of Bergen; where Grutle is from, approximately. They have a lighthouse there that has been restored into a cultural centre/ museum. The Norwegian artists Olaf Storø (a large part of his art is focused on sculptures and prints of Polar bears) and Anne B. Ragde (one of Norway’s most popular contemporary authors) were opening their joint exhibition, and we were asked to come and show Enslaved’s four music videos (“Isa”, “Path to Vanir”, “Essence” and “The Watcher”) and have a chat about the history of Enslaved and the ideas behind the videos inside the museum. So we did, and it was truly a great day. If you’re in the neighborhood, check out Ryvarden Lighthouse ( – it is the prime definition of the harsh Norwegian shoreline. To the coast!

Well, we’ll finish up the actual recordings sometime this week, with Ice Dale’s leads as well as laying down the vocals for a weird track that is more towards 70’s electronic (Schultze, Tangerine Dream) than Metal. Then there will be a shift of focus for a while to prepare for both Roadburn where Yours Truly will be performing 4 shows during the three days (Enslaved, Trinacria, Dream of an Opium Eater and Enslaved/Shining-The Armageddon Concerto), and supporting Arch Enemy in the UK in the end of April. After that we’ll finally be mixing and mastering. Also I am really looking forward to start revealing some song titles and the album title itself.
Then and now,
Ivar & Enslaved

Enslaved to support Arch Enemy on UK tour in April 2010! - 18/02/10 12:40

Enslaved will support Arch Enemy on the "Metal Hammer Meltdown" U.K. tour between March 27th and 30th 2010. Also supporting will be U.K.'s own legends Sabbat. Enslaved is stoked both to be back in the U.K.; home to one of the band's most dedicated bases of listeners - and also to be on the bill with such fine bands.

The tour will go through Wolverhampton (27/4), Glasgow (28/4), Manchester (29/4) and London (30/4). Tickets are available through, and For these and other live dates, see the Events section.

Official Enslaved Myspace

FAN QUESTIONS??? - 27/01/10 12:22

We invite you to send in your fan questions and we’ll do our best to answer them from the studio. Keep your eye on our Facebook and MySpace page for the answers! Click on the Facebook banner bellow or go to Myspace:

Enslaved Wooden Box unleashed! - 27/01/10 12:00

As part of Viva Hate Record's Box Series - “Enslaved Wooden Box” has been out for some time already..
This one contains several long time out of print and sold out records with alternate layout:

Enslaved “Frost” LP
Enslaved “Eld” LP
Enslaved “Blodhemn” LP
Enslaved “Mardraum” LP
Enslaved “Monumension” LP
Enslaved “Below The Lights” LP

Plus exclusive items:

A reissued demo tape version of the original demo: YGGDRASILL
An exclusive one sided record with rough instrumental recording of “Hal Valr”, never before released…
An exclusve Enslaved belt buckle
An exclusive Enslaved military cap with the logo printed on it

At the time of release these limited colour editions were available:

100 ltd. colour
200 ltd. colour
400 black vinyl

Available from your competent local dealer or Viva Hate Records


Enslaved announced as artists in residence for Roadburn Festival 2010; performances by Enslaved, Trinacria, Dream of An Opium Eater and Enslaved/Shining (NO) Big Band, playing their Armageddon concerto.

Roadburn states: We are thrilled to announce that Norway’s Enslaved will be our artists in residence for next years Roadburn Festival, set to be held from April 15 – 18, 2010 at both the 013 venue and Midi Theatre in Tilburg – Holland.
Enslaved have been groundbreaking metal pioneers for almost 20 years. Since their Viking-metal inception, the band has been forging a connection between black metal and prog, arriving at an incredible melange of heavy psych and modern metal. Enslaved embodies the experimental, dark and psychedelic aspect of Roadburn, and we have invited them as our artists in residence – a premiere for Roadburn - for our 2010 festival. Enslaved, and various band members, will be doing several special shows during the festival.

First off, Enslaved will be playing the Thursday Roadburn date, April 15th.
Ivar Bjørnson comments: “This show will pan towards the latter day Enslaved and will consist of a set list specially put together for Roadburn; emphasizing the heavy, the psychedelic and not but least – the visual aspect of what Enslaved is today. Be prepared for a surprise or two!”

Trinacria has been invited personally by Tom Gabriel Warrior to play his Roadburn curated event, Only Death Is Real, on Friday, April 16th.
Originally a composition by Ivar Bjørnson (Enslaved), Maja S. K. Ratkje and Hild Sofie Tafjord (both from Fe-mail), Trinacria combines the hard hitting sounds of cutting edge, Norwegian extreme metal with contemporary Norwegian noise, originally commissioned by Rikskonsertene for a concert series. This composition turned into a vital and creative project, completed by Grutle Kjellson, Ice Dale (both from Enslaved), Iver Sandøy (Emmerhoff & T.M.B.) and Espen Lien (Slut Machine).

Dream of An Opium Eater is a special collaboration between ace-metal musicians like Enslaved’s Ivar Bjørnson, Reuben Gotto (Johnny Truant), Ben Calvert (ex-Killing Joke) and Julia Ruzicka from Million Dead.
Like in the old days, when a pianist would accompany silent movies, Dream of An Opium Eater create an epic and unsettling soundtrack - composed by Reuben Gotto & Ivar Bjørnson - to a collection of mind-bending horror short-films, projected on a huge screen behind them. Expect some dark, intense, but also swirling takes on psychedelic metal reminiscent of Tool, VoiVod and even Joy Division, as icy horror and fright oozes from both the screen and the speakers.
"Dream of an Opium is a powerful outlet for my doom sides", says Ivar Bjørnson. "I was stunned when we got together to do our first show at the Roskilde Festival in 2007; we sounded heavier together than I had dared hope for. For me music is energy, and getting to express the lower, heavier energies through Dream of An Opium Eater is amazing – every single time we perform. Playing to these very unique Norwegian short horror movies adds an extra dimension that creates a bubble of weirdness at our show. Not having a vocalist also makes life easy when we get together, hehe!"
After playing Roskilde Festival (2007), Carling Leeds Festival (2007) and Wacken Open Air (2008), this will be the 4th ever performance from Dream of An Opium Eater, set for April 16th, as part of the Roadburn Festival.

Enslaved / Shining (NO) will be the main headliner of Roadburn Festival 2010, playing their 90 minute Armageddon Concerto on Saturday, April 17th.

Both Enslaved and Shining (NO) are indisputably two of Norway’s most hard-hitting and progressive bands, constantly pushing musical boundaries on their own. Now both bands will be joining forces again, and impress and shock Roadburn Festival 2010 with a rare performance of the Armageddon Concerto –for the first time ever outside of Scandinavia.
The Armageddon Concerto will lead Roadburn Festival 2010 on a journey from our present state to the inevitable downfall of this world - through Ragnarok and a following period of vacuum and nothingness, a brief and painful post-apocalyptic era; and finally through the rise from the ashes to a new beginning in a distant time and space.
Composed by Enslaved’s Ivar Bjørnson and Shining’s Jørgen Munkeby and arranged together with the band members, Bjørnson describes the Armageddon Concerto as “an experience of a life time. Prog, doom, jazz, extreme metal, northern mythology, science fiction –this is going to be massive.”

For more info, please check and

Official Enslaved Myspace

Official Trinacria Myspace

Official Dream of an Opium Eater Myspace

3 Norwegian shows coming up this weekend! - 31/08/09 17:15

Enslaved will do three Norwegian shows Thursday September 3rd and Saturday 5th. The band asks for your understanding for relaying the news this late; the last month has been insane! The dates are as follows:

Thursday September 3rd: Energimølla - Kongsberg (N)
Friday September 5th: Karmøygeddon Artic Festival, Byscenen - Haugesund (N)
Saturday September 6th: Folken - Stavanger (N)

Support in Stavanger and Folken will be provided by Norwegian brothers in arms Vreid and The Batallion. In Kongsberg support will be provided by Inquested.

Two Enslaved tracks on "Brutal Legend" soundtrack - 23/08/09 19:08

The two Enslaved tracks "Frost" and "Loke" from the "Frost" album (Osmose Productions, 1994) is featured on the soundtrack for the "Brutal Legend" video game; to be released for Xbox360 and Playstation on respectively October 13th in North America and October 16th in Europe. The game features Jack Black as the lead character of a roadie on a quest in the land of Metal (approximately).

See the full playlist and more on

This weekend's Enslaved Wacken show on LiveStream! - 28/07/09 20:55

Enslaved are playing Wacken Open Air this coming weekend at 21.30 CET. Enslaved is happy to announce that they will part of the Wacken 2009 Livestream. The festival has been sold out for a long time, so this is a great thing for those wanting to see what's going on from home! Click on the banner below to read more!

We are playling @ Wacken 2009 Livestream! See you there

Official Enslaved Myspace

Blog 1 – Ivar Bjørnson - ENSLAVED on tour with Opeth in North-America! - 16/05/09 01:41

Ivar Bjørnson is reporting from the road, where Enslaved is special guests with Opeth on their North-American tour.

Read the blog on Enslaved's Myspace page

Enslaved is currently on tour with Opeth in North America. See the dates on the Enslaved Myspace page and/ or the Enslaved web page.

Official Enslaved Myspace

Special ltd edition "Vertebrae" CD box and LP deluxe sets released + new Myspace design! - 10/05/09 01:27

On May 4th 2009, Enslaved and Indie Recordings released some very special versions of the “Vertebrae” album to celebrate its success, and to offer something back to the fans for bringing the album and the band to where they are. Both formats include the entire performance from the Rock Hard festival in Germany 2008 – a high-quality capture of a top-notch Enslaved live show (the live show can be downloaded from iTunes as a separate album as well). The CD box comes with the live show on a bonus disc including a video greeting from the band, as well as a “Vertebrae” lanyard and a patch. The LP set comes as a triple colored vinyl – two reds (the album) and one white (the live performance); and a brand new design all over. Both editions come in very limited numbers...

The Enslaved Myspace page has received a facelift at the same time; stop by to check it out here!

Enslaved is currently on tour with Opeth in North America – things are going extremely well; venues are packed and flawless shows are being played. See the dates on the Enslaved Myspace page and/ or the Enslaved web page.

Official Enslaved Myspace

FREE Upcoming Signing Sessions Announced! - 08/05/09 02:22

Enslaved team up with Gibson Guitars! - 28/04/09 13:03

In the world of extreme music, Norways Enslaved have always been a force to be reckoned with - and one that will not rest on its laurels: After almost two decades in the game, Enslaved have developed and widened their scope of pure dark music, incorporating progressive and atmospheric structures in their brand of Extreme Metal, giving Pink Floyd a make-over in hell, if you will.

To achieve this sound between depth and brutality, Ivar Bjørnson (guitar), Grutle Kjellson (bass) and Ice Dale (guitars) have been using Gibsons for a long time - so long in fact, that’s it’s time to make this partnership official:


Comments the band:
“For any youngster Gibson is a name held in great reverence; from the point you decide to become a guitarist onwards. When we saw Jimmy Page, Ace Frehley, Euronymous or Slash making magic happen on their Gibsons, there was no turning back: it had to be a GIBSON!
Sure, you could catch us red-handed buying a pair of Levi’s lookalikes to save a buck, but with the guitars and basses there’s no question. We are where we dreamed of being back then, we’re recording albums and travelling the world to play live.
Loyalty surely paid off; now we have been admitted into the exclusive tribe of Gibson endorsed artists. The guitar work and sound is one of Enslaved’s most distinctive features – it can only sound like that with Gibson, as simple as that.”

Enslaved’s latest opus “Vertebrae” was released in September 2008, the band is currently preparing for the festival season and an US tour with Opeth. See the dates online at and at

Gibson Guitars

Official Enslaved Myspace

Enslaved and Hole in the Sky presents A Blaze in the Northern Sky – H.I.T.S. 10 year anniversary - 20/04/09 15:07

Enslaved and Hole in the Sky presents A Blaze in the Northern Sky – H.I.T.S. 10 year anniversary

To prove that the Bergen scene is as vital as ever, Hole In The Sky has invited Enslaved to host the birthday bash of the century. «A Blaze in the Northern Sky» will be a perfect reflection of just that, cutting edge and progressive together with a dive into the historic vaults of what defined the Norwegian scene together with prominent guests from Darkthrone, Mayhem, Entombed and lots more!

Promoter Torgrim Øyre comments: "Having a good part of the Norwegian black metal royalty sharing stage with Enslaved in a historic lection of Norwegian black metal history must be the ultimate celebration for ourselves and the fans. I’m sure the band will elaborate about the content, but we’re confident that it will be more than spectacular."

Enslaved's own Grutle Kjellson: "2009 is indeed a special year. This year we will celebrate the 10th anniversary for, in my humble opinion, the greatest metal festival in the world. It is not the biggest festival in size, not even in Norway, but definitely in atmosphere. Just ask the metal heads travelling from all over the world once a year to a small town on the west banks of the pile of rocks called Norway, just to absorb the atmosphere of this unique event. I think most of them will agree.

Since this is a big event for both of us, we figured that we wanted it to be more than a convential Enslaved gig (if that is concidered conventional?). Therefore we decided to ask some great friends to join in on the celebration. We have asked legends in the extreme metal scene, that has supported us, inspired us and have been partying with us over the years. Every single one of them had just as little doubts as we had and are honoured to play their parts on this very special evening."

Also confirmed for H.I.T.S. 2009:

Aura Noir
Necros Christos

Official Enslaved Myspace

Enslaved confirmed for Øya Festival 2009 - 15/04/09 13:56

Enslaved is confirmed for Øya Festival 2009, taking place in Oslo between August 11th and 15th. No day or time is set for Enslaved's appearance yet.

In the mean time Enslaved will do an American tour with Opeth. See the dates online at and at

Enslaved confirmed for Wacken Open Air 2009 - 07/04/09 18:21

Enslaved is confirmed to appear on the 2009 edition of Wacken Open Air, the most beautiful adventure of the metal summer. We will come back with times later.

Ivar Bjørnson (guitar) comments: "Getting the confirmation for Wacken Open Air is pretty much an assurance that it will be a great summer. Our last trips to Wacken have been memorable and literarely intoxicating. We'll be coming down hard this time with new material from "Vertebrae" as well as some classics never played on the Wacken fields before. See you there, we can't wait!"

For this and other live dates, see the Events section.

Official Enslaved Myspace

Enslaved receives Bergen awards - 10/03/09 08:44

Enslaved received the Bergen Awards ("Bergensprisen") on Friday March 6th for "Best Bergen album 2008". The price is hosted by Norwegian magazine Natt & Dag. Other nominees were hiphop artist Lars and singer-songwriter Silje Nes. Enslaved were said to have been "very festive" towards the end of the night.

Official Enslaved Myspace

Enslaved to appear at Zwarte Cross Festival (NL) - 04/03/09 11:14

Enslaved is confirmed to play Zwarte Cross Festival in Holland on Saturday July 25th. The festival's name translates to "Black MotoCross" and is a mixture of music, sports, camping and bizarre stunts. Needless to say, the band is quite curious to witness this in the flesh.

For this and other live dates, see the Events section.

Official Enslaved Myspace

"Hordanes Land" re-released Feb 17th 2009 - 17/02/09 13:18

"Hordanes Land", the legendary debut release from 1991 was re-released by Candelight Records on February 17th a.a. It was originally released in 1993 as half of the Emperor / Enslaved split which has since gone on to become a piece of historically important Extreme/ Black Metal that helped define a whole genre.

The re-release features the original artwort and photos, in addition to private photos from Enslaved's early career and in-depth liner notes by founding members Ivar Bjørnson & Grutle Kjellson; providing a unique insight into the formative days of the band.

CD (Candle240CD) - order here
LP (BOBV117LP) - order here

Athens concert Feb 22nd postponed - 16/02/09 13:51

The upcoming concert in Athens on Feb 22nd 2009 will not take place. The promoters has told Enslaved's management they wish to postpone the concert; to reschedule it sometime in the Autumn of 2009.

Enslaved does not to comment on the matter as they are not involved in the decision. They relay their disappointment to the fans, and ask for patience for the rescheduled date.

Official Enslaved Myspace

Norwegian festival appearances announced - 11/02/09 09:49

Enslaved is confirmed to appear at two Norwegian festivals ahead:

April Saturday 4th 2009: Rock Mot Rus, Andenes, Norway
August Friday 7th 2009: RaumaRock, Rauma, Norway

See you there and stay tuned!

For these and other live dates, see the Events section.

Official Enslaved Myspace

Enslaved to tour with Opeth on North American tour in May - 28/01/09 14:47

Enslaved will support Opeth on their upcoming North American tour. The 23 shows will take place between May 1st and May 27th; the line-up consists of Enslaved opening for Opeth.

Ivar Bjørnson, Enslaved's songwriter and guitarist comments: "I am stoked that we are going out with Opeth. We have been admirers of Opeth's work for years, specially the direction of their newer works. This is great news for us to take back to our loyal fans and friends in North America at this point; the reception for our newest album "Vertebrae" has been fantastic and unforgettable. We can't wait to present the songs live, we promise you won't be let down! Finally we wish to express our sincere gratitude to Opeth for giving us this opportunity."

Fri 01 May - Sayreville NJ - Starland Ballroom
Sat 02 May - Boston MA - House of Blues Boston
Sun 03 May - Montreal QC - Le Medley
Mon 04 May - Toronto ON - Sound Academy
Tue 05 May - Millvale PA - Mr. Small's Place
Wed 06 May - Chicago IL - House of Blues (IL)
Fri 08 May - Omaha NE - Sokol Auditorium
Sat 09 May - Boulder CO - Fox Theatre
Mon 11 May - Boise ID - Knitting Factory Concert House
Tue 12 May - Portland OR - Roseland Theatre
Wed 13 May - Chico CA - Senator Theatre
Thu 14 May - San Francisco CA - Regency Center @ The Grand
Fri 15 May - Pomona CA - Glasshouse
Sat 16 May - Los Angeles CA - The Avalon
Sun 17 May - Tucson AZ - Rialto Theatre
Tue 19 May - San Antonio TX - Scout Bar
Wed 20 May - Oklahoma City OK - Diamond Ballroom
Thu 21 May - Memphis TN - New Daisy Theatre
Fri 22 May - Knoxville TN - Bijou Theatre
Sat 23 May - Columbus OH - Newport Music Hall
Sun 24 May - Pontiac MI - Clutch Cargo's
Tue 26 May - New York NY - Grand Ballroom @ The Manhattan
Wed 27 May - Washington DC - 9:30 Club

For these and other live dates, see the Events section.

Official Enslaved Myspace

2009 summer festivals confirmed for Enslaved - 27/01/09 11:26

Some festival dates have been ready for a while, and more are coming in for Enslaved. The following has been confirmed so far:

June 20th: Hellfest, Clisson, France
July 24th: Unholy Fest, Ostrava, Czeck Republic
Sat. August 15th: Bloodstock Open Air, Catton Hall/ Derby, U.K.

A href="" target=_self>Official Enslaved Myspace

ENSLAVED takes home Norwegian Grammy in hat-trick - 26/01/09 14:39

For the third time in a row, Enslaved won the Norwegian Grammy ("Spellemannsprisen") for Best Metal Album 2008. The other nominated bands were Keep of Kalessin and Benea Reach.

The band comments: "We're very honored to get our third Grammy! The party was good, we had a good time. We think the Grammy commitee was very generous giving all the artist two whole pitchers of ice water and selling 0,3 liters of flat beer for 7,5 Euros in the bar. Luckily we robbed a bank on our way there and could afford getting absolutely smashed. We're having a rough Monday here. Thanks!"

First ATHEN, Greece show ever on February 22nd 2009! - 22/01/09 15:17

One of Enslaved's oldest dreams has come true - on February 22nd 2009 Enslaved will do a show at Gagarin 205 in Athens, Greece. Despite the country's great Metal and Underground history, Enslaved has never been able to go there to show the Greek metalheads appreciation for the support over the years. This concert will feature a full set containing tracks from the entire Enslaved career: from "Hordanes Land" (1993) to "Vertebrae" (2008). Dutch Death Metal veterans Hail of Bullets will open the evening.

Singer/ bass player Grutle Kjellson comments: "Finally! After so many years of getting jealous from listening to other bands that have played in Greece, it was about time. Rumors of the best audience there is reached me ages ago, so this is something I've been looking forward to for a long time! See you soon, children of Zeus!"

Official Enslaved Myspace

Enslaved tops more 2008 rankings! - 14/01/09 13:15

Norwegian National Radio's rock show PYRO asked their listeners to vote for their favorite Norwegian band; to which they voted Enslaved #1. Thanks guys and gals! The same listeners voted "Vertebrae" as #5 international metal release, which is another great honor for Enslaved!

The readers of Dutch major metal webzine Zware Metalen ranked "Vertebrae" as #1 Metal Album of 2008!

Other "Best of 2008" rankings include: (webzine): #2
-Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles: #4
-Metal Edge: #9
-Metal Maniacs: #11
-Revolver Magazine: #14
-Decibel Magazine: #16 #16
-Kerrang!: #19

New booking agent for Northern America: The Agency Group! - 12/01/09 12:23

Enslaved has inked a deal with Nick Storch and The Agency Group for booking in North America. The band is very excited and more than ready to get back on the road over there. News on the first dates to come out of the collaboration will follow shortly. This marks a new dawn for Enslaved in North America, strange and wonderful things are about to happen.

For booking inquiries North America: NickStorch AT

Enslaved nominated for Norwegian Grammy - 06/01/09 14:45

Enslaved has been nominated for the Norwegian Grammy Awards in the category Best Metal Album. The price cermony will take place in Oslo on Saturday January 24th. The other two nominees in the category are Keep of Kalessin and Benea Reach. No matter what happens, Enslaved is dead set on winning the afterparty - Bjørn Eidsvåg: get ready to rumba.

Grutle Kjellson comments: "This is great! Although this our 5th nomination, I will never get used to receiving honours such as this! Some people claim these awards does not mean anything, and they might be right of course. Then again they are lying idiots if they claim they wouldn't appreciate a Best Metal Album award. It simply states that you are doing something right even if your life doesn't depend on it. Congratulations to our buddies in Keep of Kalessin with their nomination too!"

Enslaved (Grutle) video interview with Imhotep online! - 06/01/09 14:25

Before the gig in Oslo, Norway on December 18th 2008, Imhotep's editor Roy conducted a video interview with a sore-throated Grutle Kjellson in Rockefeller's backstage. See the interview (in two parts) below:

part 1 of 2
part 2 of 2

Enslaved's "Vertebrae": Terrorizer Magazine’s album of the year - 06/01/09 13:39

ENSLAVED's "Vertebrae" has been crowned TERRORIZER Magazine's Album Of The Year!

This year saw the return of Testament, Metallica and AC/DC, anticipated big releases from the likes of Opeth, Amon Amarth and Cynic. But without a doubt, across the board, the one album that stood out was the latest prog-metal opus from Norway's ENSLAVED.

Terrorizer editor Louise Brown stated; "That ['Vertebrae'] is our album of the year is no surprise. That it stormed ahead of every other album is also no surprise. And if this album becomes contender for album of the decade... nah, that won't be a surprise either."

Ivar Bjørnson (guitar) comments: ”Receiving ”Album of the Year” for ”Vertebrae” in Terrorizer is a great honor for us in Enslaved. This autumn we had our first front page for the mag, and now this. “Vertebrae” is an album that has taken us a giant leap forwards; the response to this album supersedes anything we have experienced before. Terrorizer is one of the most important opinion formers within Extreme Metal; we’ve been loyal readers ourselves for years. We’re taking this as an indication: 2009 will be a (-nother) year in the sign of Enslaved.”

Gothenburg gig cancelled - 16/12/08 15:30

It is with great disappoinment we have to announce the cancellation of tomorrows (Wednesday) concert at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The gig was cancelled by the venue through our booking agent. Pretty damn disappointing.

We can do nothing else than hope to make it up for the Gothenburgers at some other time.

Thanks to everybody that has turned up and contributed to making this "Vertebrae" European tour the best Enslaved tour ever - and even though we're missing Gothenburg we can promise Stockholm, Oslo, Hamar and Bergen top notch killer shows!


Enslaved Myspace

Enslaved ringtones on! - 08/12/08 12:13

Also remember to check Enslaved's official video-channels;

EUROPEAN TOUR Nov/ Dec: Major update! Audrey Horne joins in! - 31/10/08 16:26

Enslaved is about to head out for the European Tour 2008. The BIG news is that support act Stonegard is replaced by special guests Audrey Horne. Audrey Horne, hailing from Bergen, has been a brother-band of Enslaved since their founding days. Krakow is still support for all dates.

The venue in Maribor (November 29th) has changed from Stuk to MC-Pekarna! Find your European date and other upcoming shows in the Events section.

North American dates confirmed! - 31/10/08 14:51

Enslaved will return to North America in May 2009 with Swallow The Sun and Keep of Kalessin as support!

Tickets are on sale now exclusively through until November 26, at which point they will go on sale through all normal ticketing outlets.

Ivar Bjørnson (guitar) comments: "After the two great treks through North America in 2007 we are hysterically pleased to be going back in May 2009. Having Keep of Kalessin and Swallow the Sun support us is nothing short of totally fucking amazing. We can not wait!"

For these and other live dates, see the Events section.

First Vertebrae reviews posted - 03/09/08 21:28

Imhotep magazine has published a review of "Vertebrae", as album of the month September. The review kickstarts the run-up to the release September 29th (Europe, US date is October 28th). Check out the 6/6 review here along with other reviews as they come in.

Links to reviews will be collected in the Press Central.

Broadcast of Armageddon concerto w/ Shining (NO) - 01/09/08 14:22

The now famous Enslaved & Shining (NO) Armageddon Concerto "Nine Nights in Nothingness - Glimpses of Downfall" was recorded by Norwegian radio NRK during the live performance at Molde International Jazz Festival this summer. We're proud to announce that this dark gem of a recording will now reveal itself to the public for the first times ever. It will be broadcast in three different ways: 1) On Norwegian radio NRK P2 ("Jazzklubben"), 2) on internet broadcast, and 3) on DAB radio.

For all our international fans, the internet option is the only option possible. You will find the correct website on this link: . If you're having problems with this link, try going to, holding your arrow over the downward arrow to the right of the sign called "NRK NETTRADIO" (located in the upper right portion of the page). When the pop-up menu appears, click on "NRK Jazz" and a pop-up window with the radio transmission will appear. (If you plan on catching a transmission, we suggest you try out this manuever. You'll never know how this page will funtion in your country without trying first.)

Since the concerto is over 90 minutes long, it won't all fit into one single radioshow. But after the original radio air wave broadcast is over, the internet and DAB transmissions will continue to broadcast so you can hear the rest of the complete concerto here. Of course if you want to follow it all on internet, you won't have to change medium in the middle of the show.

BROADCAST 1 - DAB and internet only: Tuesday 2 Sept 09:03, Norwegian time
BROADCAST 2 - DAB and internet only: Tuesday 2 Sept 15:03, Norwegian time
BROADCAST 3 - DAB and internet only: Tuesday 2 Sept 21:03, Norwegian time
BROADCAST 4 - NRK P2 radio only: Wednesday 3 Sept 19:30, Norwegian time

PS: NRK interview done during the last preproduction of the concert to be found here (in Norwegian):

A small NRK article about the forthcoming concerto broadcast to be found here (in Norwegian - sorry again):

Grutle DJs at Stockholm release party October 3rd! - 22/08/08 10:32

Sound Pollution and Close-Up have joined forces in hosting the Stockholm release party for ENSLAVED's new album "Vertebrae". The party will take place at the club Sjätte Tunnan, address Stora Nygatan 43 (Gamla Stan, Stockholm) on Friday October 3rd from 22.00 to 03.00. There will be comps, with the new album and other Enslaved goodies being up for grabs.

Tough stuff will be coming from the DJ-booth; where Grutle Kjellson shares the duties with Close-Up duo Daniel Josefsson and Jonas Granvik.Thirsts will be quenched with for instance freshly brewed beer from Gothland, mead and non-alcoholic lemonade made of Elder. Do not miss this occasion-this will be a class party in the sign of Extreme music!
Psst: the Enslaved interview will be published in Close-Up's next edition.

More details about the upcoming European headlining European tour, see all dates in the Events section.

Indie Recordings are extremely proud to announce the signing of Norway’s finest - Enslaved - 14/07/08 11:05

Having worked with Enslaved before it is an honour to again being allowed to work with one of the absolute top acts in metal today. Their new album “Vertebrae” will be released September 2008, marking a quantum leap for Extreme Metal. “Vertebrae” is Enslaved’s most important achievement to date, and will convince through haunting songs, the most powerful production and unmatched integrity. More details on the album itself will be revealed shortly. Enslaved is also widely acclaimed as one of the best live acts on the scene today - following the release, Enslaved will commence on an extensive European Tour, being supported by fellow Norwegians Stonegard and Krakow. See the Events section for complete tour-list.

In a statement the band comments the signing:

“We’ve known the people behind the label for years, and have first-hand knowledge of their dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism. This signing makes perfect and utter sense to us; and we are proud to start off this cooperation with our strongest album ever”

-Indie Recordings

ENSLAVED announces headliner European tour Nov-Dec 2008! - 22/05/08 23:37

Enslaved is hereby announcing their headlining European Tour for November-December 2008. Special guest on the tour will be fellow Norwegians Stonegard and Krakow.

More details about the upcoming album will follow shortly - for now, see all dates in the Events section.

ENSLAVED does JORDDUNST at FRØYA - 03/05/08 14:38

Statement from the festival: "Enslaved is finally confirmed to appear at The Jorddunst Festival at Frøya (Frøya is an island close to the region Capitol of Trondheim). The Jorddunst festival's main task is to present quality Metal, Ska, Punk and Bluesrock. We proudly presents Enslaved as our headliner friday night on the 13th of June. Other bands on stage this evening will be Animal Alpha(NO), Career Suicide(CA), Fandangle(UK) and Ribozyme(NO). By this, our stage on Friday is maybe one of the most hardcore stages in the center of Norway this summer. No prisoners taken."

For this and other live dates, see the Events section.

Enslaved - ROADBURN 2008 headliner - 13/04/08 14:54

After Celtic Frosts cancellation from Roadburn 2008, Enslaved has stepped in to headline Saturday April 19th of the festival. The band has issued the following statement:

"It is a great honour to announce that Enslaved will be headlining Saturday April 19th of the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg. This is a festival we would love to attend as listeners (actually, some of us were planning to attend before knowing we would play, how about that?), and to go there as a performing band is nothing short of a privilege.

This show's focus will pan hard towards our later years; focusing in depth on the "Isa" and "Ruun" albums – two albums that seem to fits Roadburn’s experimental, dark and somewhat psychedelic profile.

We are these days in the final stages of our coming album, due to be out in October ’08, and we’re planning to give the festival audience a pre-taste of that too. Who knows, maybe there will be room for an ancient classic also?"

Stay up-dated (pardon the pun) Events section.

Enslaved confirmed for Norway's Skral Festival! - 04/02/08 19:08

Enslaved is confirmed to appear at Norway's Skral Festival between July 10th and 12th. The festival is located in Grimstad and sports a Scandinavian dominated line-up, criss-crossing genres with Enslaved representing the "metal-side of things" this time around.

Go in-depth on this and other dates in the Events section.

FIRST EVER appearance in Portugal for Enslaved! - 22/01/08 15:00

Enslaved will appear at the SWR Barroselas Metalfest XI in Portugal, taking place April 24th-26th 2008.

Check out this and more dates in the Events section.

Shows in Ukraine & Russia confirmed for 2008! - 27/11/07 23:32

Enslaved are finally heading eastwards for Ukraine and Russia; the band is extremely enthusiastic about finally going to these territories, not to mention sharing stage with legends & headliner Overkill! Dates & billing:

Samael (Feb 29th only)

Feb 29th 2008 - Kiev (UA) CCA NAU
March 1st 2008 - Moscow (RU) Tochka Club

Other already confirmed shows for 2008 are:
May 10th 2008 - Rock Hard Festival, Gelsenkirchen (DE)
May 11th 2008 - Festung Open Air, Bitterfeld (DE)
June 29th 2008 - Gods of Metal, Bologna (IT)

Much more is in the works, stay tuned!

French interview posted & European tour completed - 13/10/07 14:34

French online magazine Les Éternels have posted an interview in French. Read it here.

The European leg of "RUUN World Tour Part II" is just finished and Enslaved wishes to thank everybody for making this an immense success:

Thanks to the support acts, it could simply not have been a better package! Enslaved is honoured to have shared the stages with Keep of Kalessin ("kunstnera, fritenkera, freaks") and Shining ("her lukter det fotformsko!"). A big hail to the roadcrew: Hinkel (knurr), Tonje (knips/ 24 Schizo), Dahle (ehh), Georg (superbekvem), Ramin the driver, to the booking agents, venues, media and last but NOT least: all you dedicated people that participated in creating amazing and intense shows. We will return!

New photos added - 11/10/07 22:03

Some new photos from Hellfest 2007 has been added to the Gallery. A lot more photos will be uploaded; old ones and new ones in the time to come.

Shining (NOR) joins Enslaved on upcoming European Tour - 11/10/07 18:22

"RUUN World Tour Part II: EUROPE October 2007" is about to commence. First stop is Le Locomotive in Paris Tuesday Oct 16th. Special guests throughout the entire tour will be fellow Norwegian Extreme Metallers Keep of Kalessin (Myspace). Norwegian prog/ experimental band Shining (Myspace), not to be confused with the Swedish black metal band, will join from the 20th (Rennes, Fr) onwards.
German Extreme Metal act Secrets of the Moon (Myspace) will join as occult guests for one of the two last shows in Germany; Münich (October 26th).

What a package.. See you all there, Enslaved can't wait to go out there and play again! Check out all dates in the Events section.

Nottingham date confirmed for Enslaved Euro tour + Keep of Kalessin confirmed for support! - 17/09/07 14:20

The 2nd UK date has been confirmed for the upcoming "RUUN World Tour part II - EUROPE Oct 2007":

22nd Oct 2007: Nottingham - Junktion7 (UK)

As if that wasn't enough good news, Norwegian Extreme Metal act Keep of Kalessin has been added as support throughout the entire tour! Braze yourselves for a package as strong as they come.

See the Events section for a complete list of dates, including the upcoming European and North-American tours.

European Enslaved dates announced for October 2007! - 01/08/07 17:23

Enslaved said they would be back with a new European tour in the fall of 2007, and they stick to their word. 12 exclusive European shows have been officially added to the busy autumn schedule:

16th Oct 2007: Paris - Locomotive (FR)
17th Oct 2007: Lyon - Marché Gare (FR)
18th Oct 2007: Belfort - Poudrière (FR)
19th Oct 2007: Niort - Camji (FR)
20th Oct 2007: Rennes - Ubu (FR)
21st Oct 2007: London - Mean Fiddler (UK)
22nd Oct 2007: Nottingham - Junktion7 (UK)
23rd Oct 2007: Mezz, Breda (NL)
24th Oct 2007: Biebob, Vosselaar (B)
25th Oct 2007: Doornroosje, Nijmegen (NL)
26th Oct 2007: Munich - Backstage (DE) (w/ Secrets of the Moon)
27th Oct 2007: Saarbrücken - Roxy (DE)

Support act(s) for the tour will be announced shortly, Secrets of the Moon is already confirmed for Munich, Germany on Friday October 26th.

Conclusion: If you want to get something done, do it yourself - see you there!

PS: First few songs have materialized themselves for the coming Enslaved album.. Stay tuned for more news on that in the near future!

Pictures from Hellfest uploaded! - 09/07/07 12:50

A big hails to everybody who attented and made Hellfest and the other recent gigs so incredibly memorable. Thanks for all the positive feedback we have gotten through the MySpace site and other channels! We're taking a few weeks off now but will resurface for Wacken Open Air on Friday August 3rd. See the Events section for live details.

We have uploaded some shots from Hellfest 2007 in the Gallery. Thanks to Mira/

Enslaved at Hellfest 2007 - 18/06/07 16:07

Enslaved will appear at Hellfest 2007 the coming (!) Friday, June 22nd. This marks the first part of a heavy comeback to France after the cancelled May tour! Be at the Gibson stage at 22:20 for this outdoor event.

Find this and all other Enslaved dates in the Events section.

Stream from Norwegian Wood Festival appearance available! - 16/06/07 23:17

The performance Enslaved did at Norwegian Wood was filmed by NRK, and can be watched here. You can also find some pictures from the events here ( and here ( Thanks to the audience, festival and other acts for making it a memorable night!

Final dates added to upcoming US Tour in Nov/ Dec - 14/06/07 10:40

Final additions have been made to the list of dates for the upcoming "RUUN World Tour II: North America Nov-Dec 2007". A show in Atlanta, GA at the beginning of the tour (Nov 2nd) and a the grand finale show in Louisville, KY (Dec 7th) has been added. Tickets for the tour are on sale through and regular ticket channels.

See the Events section for complete tour and festival dates.

Biography update - 11/06/07 16:54

The official Enslaved biography has been updated, as seen in the History section. Both English and Norwegian biographies can be downloaded as pdf-files in the Press Central.

Interview with Grutle Kjellson posted online - 07/06/07 10:54

Online Magazine Apeshit (!) has posted an interview with mr. Grutle Kjellson; where topics include prog, the Norwegian scene and being part of the ever-changing environment in and around Enslaved. Read the interview here.

Find full pressreleases in the Press Central.

First ever Estonia appearance: Enslaved at Hard Rock Laager Festival! - 06/06/07 17:16

Enslaved will headline Friday June 29th of the the Hard Rock Laager Festival in Vana-Vigala, Estonia (80 km south of Tallinn). Other acts at this 2-day festival include Soilwork, Cathedral, Vader and Entwine.

See this and other dates in the Event section.

FREE CONCERT feat. ENSLAVED Friday June 1st in Bergen! - 31/05/07 11:23

STED: Dovregubbens Hall (kjelleren på Grieghallen), Bergen
NÅR: 21:00, Fredag 1. juni

Enslaved skal spille spesielt komponert materiale basert på folketoner sammen med den anerkjente folke-/ improvisasjonsmusikeren Terje Isungset og sangeren Marianne Juvik Sæbø. Det vil også fremføres nye arrangement av Enslaved original materiale i samarbeid med Isungset. Konserten er i programmet til OiOi-Festivalen, som er den del av Festspillene i Bergen.


WHERE: Dovregubbens Hall (Grieghallen basement), Bergen, Norway
WHEN: 21:00, Friday June 1st

Enslaved will be performing specially composed material based on Norwegian folk influenced songs together with acclaimed folk/ contemporary musician Terje Isungset and traditional singer Marianne Juvik Sæbø. It will also be presented new arrangements of original Enslaved material in cooperation with Isungset. The concert is in the program for the OiOi-Festival, part of Bergen International Festival.

New dates added to upcoming North America tour! - 21/05/07 11:54

New dates in Covington (KY) and Huntington (WV) has been added to the upcoming North American tour. See the Event section for details.

Tickets are still available exclusively through, they will go on sale through regular channels from June 1st...

Enslaved to play the Steinkjer Festival - check out this line-up! - 12/05/07 15:56

Enslaved is confirmed to play the Steinkjer Festivalen on Friday August 17th 2007.

Other bands featured at this festival is Keep Of Kalessin and Motorhead! This is by the way Motorheads only appearance in Norway in 2007! Time for a blast in other words.

"Win some, lose some, all the same to me!"

"RUUN World Tour 2007 pt II" North American dates announced - 11/05/07 11:42

Enslaved will return to headline a North Amercian tour November and December 2007! Support bands will be The Faceless, Arsis and The Agonist.

The tour will go on sale exclusively through on May 11. Tickets will become available through regular ticketing channels on June 1.

Enslaved comments on the release of the dates: "After years of working hard to come over and do proper tours over here, it is more than gratifying to return to America for part II of the RUUN tour 2007 in North America. We are looking forward to seeing those shores again; your welcoming of the band on our previous tour is an obligation!"

See all these new North Amercian dates in the Events section. More dates in the "RUUN World Tour Part II" will be announced soon!


ENSLAVED is issuing this statement to regretfully inform that the “Excess of Evil” European tour w/ Marduk, Enslaved, Keep of Kalessin, Goatwhore, Melechesh & Pantheon I this month (May 2007) is cancelled.

We are not entirely informed and convinced as to why the tour is cancelled – we were promised an immediate statement from the touring agency (Metalysee) several days ago, but nothing has arrived. At this point, with few days left for the intended tour start, we could no longer wait and we are issuing this, to be honest, half-informed statement. We are normally booked through Goldstar Music in Norway, let us stress over and over again that this tour and its demise is not their workings, this was a one-off collaboration with another booking agency.

All we know is that the tour is cancelled and that we feel disappointed, bitter and at the same time vengeful. We are disappointed because we looked forward to performing top notch shows, being part of a high class package and meeting the fans, the friends; the scene. Bitter because we were already stretched to the limit to do this tour – we were ready to go out and do minimalist shows, with a session keyboard player (as Herbrand Larsen couldn’t go due to personal reasons. We feel vengeful because we know we will come back and do these shows tenfold stronger. Our booking agent Goldstar has told us they are already working on rescheduling several of the shows this coming autumn.

As always, there will be speculations as to why this happened. Again, we regret to say that this was never really “our” tour so we lack some insight into the “whys” and “whos” and “whens”. We can only state that we were ready to go, no injuries, no imprisonment, no primadonna acts; none of the usual industry clichés. We have heard rumours about why the tour was cancelled, but we choose not to repeat them until an official statement is issued from Metalysee/ Marduk. We hope other sources of information (web boards, forums, magazines) will remain equally patient/ respectful for the official version.

We’ll be back with more info should it appear, along with any eventual re-bookings of these shows.

A heartfelt thank you to all the people being ready for the shows in France, the UK, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany and Austria– we will return.


Enslaved at Norwegian Wood 2007! - 03/03/07 11:32

Enslaved will appear at this year's Norwegian Wood Festival in Oslo on Friday July 15th. Enslaved will start off the ball, followed by Evanescence and Korn.

See details on this and the upcoming European tour (May) in the Events section.

Thank you India! - 03/03/07 11:10

(..No, we're not quoting Alanis Morisette). The gigs in India went down fantastically. A big thank you to Rikskonsertene and mr. Amit's RJS for making things happen - and an even bigger thank you to all the dedicated Indian metal fans we had the privelege of meeting during our stay, mr. Shaswat in particular. Thank you, we will be back!

Norwegian National Television, Nrk, have made a little clip available from Enslaved's appearance at the Great Indian Rock Fest. Click here to see it.

Some pictures from Canada - 14/02/07 22:30

Some pictures from the gigs in Quebec and Montreal can be found here (reviews only french language).

Poughkeepsie cancelled! - 04/02/07 20:41

Enslaved is extremely sorry for the fans that missed out on the show last night (Feb 3rd) in Poughkeepsie. The bus broke down (fuel line broke down) half way between St. Petersburg, Florida and Poughkeepsie. It was a Saturday, so finding mechanics and a shop with the right parts was hard. However, driver Zeke made it in the end. At that time we were at least seven (7) hours away from the show. Everybody, including bands and crew were determined to make the show in Poughkeepsie no matter how late we got there. We all figured: let us rather do 2 x 45, or even worse: 2 x 30 minutes with Enslaved & Dark Funeral than cancel. However, we were unable to reach a satisfying agreement with local promoter, as he felt this was too short sets.

So we feel sorry for the fans, nothing we could do about a broken bus! Hopefully we'll be back soon!

European Tour Dates May 2007 released! - 01/02/07 00:15

Enslaved will start off the RUUN World Tour Part II with headlining the "Excess of Evil" European Tour in May 2007. The tour will be a co-headlining effort along with Marduk. Supports will be Keep of Kalessin, Melechesh, Goatwhore and Pantheon I.

See the Events section for complete list of these and other upcoming tour dates (including remaining US Feb 2007 dates).

Enslaved receives Norwegian Grammy! - 31/01/07 23:47

Enslaved received their 2nd Grammy on Saturday, Januar 27th for "Ruun". Enslaved wish to thank everybody involved in the process of making the album and subsequent tours the great successes they have become; fans, crew, label, distributors, media, studios and families, girlfriends and wife.

Enslaved nominated for Norwegian Grammy! - 02/01/07 17:46

Enslaved have been nominated for the Norwegian Grammy Awards ("Spellemannsprisen"); the album in question of course being "Ruun" and the category is equally obvious: "Best Metal Album 2006".

The show will be televised directly on Norwegian TV2. The band will not be there in the flesh, as they're playing live in El Paso, Texas that night (see the Events section for complete "Ruun World Tour" US 2007 tour dates). Hopefully the night will be totally Texas (pardon the poorly translated pun).

Confirmed for Brutal Assault Summer Festival in Prague! - 02/01/07 14:10

Enslaved is confirmed to appear at the Brutal Assault Summer Festival in Prague, Czech.

See details in the Events section.

Enslaved live in INDIA! - 02/01/07 13:56

Enslaved is booked to appear at two shows in India. Indian rockers & metalheads can catch appearances at the Turqouise Cottage on February 22rd, as well as a headlining spot at the Great Indian Rock 11 - Hamsadhwani Open Air Theatre on February 25th. A third show is in the workings, and will be announced later when and if confirmed.

See the Events section for details.

Bjørnegildet Festival in Oslo (N) February 15th 2007 confirmed! - 02/01/07 12:39

Enslaved is confirmed for Bjørnegildet Festival in Oslo February 15th. Other bands at the festival includes She Said Destroy, Animal Alpha, Purified in Blood and more.

See more details in the Events section

North America Tour Jan-Feb 2007: - 23/11/06 11:44

The "RUUN World Tour" fuses into the "Candlelight II: Phoenix Rising" tour starting 09.01.06. The tour features Enslaved and co-headliners Dark Funeral with support act Abigail Williams.

Tour dates, venue and ticket info in the Events section.

Read more about it; background, quotes etc here.

Enslaved in Copenhagen: A Mardraum before X-mas! - 07/11/06 12:49

After missing out on Denmark during the European "RUUN Tour"; Enslaved is thrilled to be confirmed for a one-off show in Denmark - Copenhagen on December 7th 2006. The venue is Stengade 30.

See the Events section for details.

Norgesturné '06: Datoene er klare! (Norwegian) - 17/10/06 14:15

Da er det klart for "RUUN Tour 2006" også i Norge. Konserten på Rockefeller, Oslo 17. november har vært alment kjent en stund, her følger datoer for Trondheim (03.11, m/ Stonegard, Torch), Bodø (04.11) og Stavanger (11.11).

Se Events avdelingen for flere detaljer.

Enslaved confirmed for Wacken Open Air 2007! - 17/10/06 13:59

Alright! Enslaved is confirmed for Wacken Open Air 2007.

W:O:A should need no introduction for the metal fans, this will surely be among the many coming highlights for 2007. See you there!

New booking agent for Germany, Switzerland & Austria: ICS Festival Service! - 17/10/06 13:32

Enslaveds official booking agent for territories Germany, Switzerland and Austria is as of now ICS Festival Service.

See the Contact section for details.

Home again! - 04/10/06 16:40

The European tour is finally over. 23 gigs in all, and thanx to all the fans that showed up. Also thanx to the supportbands: 1349, Zyklon and Insomnium on the UK leg, and Vreid in Europe. And of course thanx to the local supportbands in Poland. A special surprise was when Entombed was co-headlining with Enslaved in Gothenborg in Sweden. L-G even jumped on the stage during Enslaveds gig and contributed on vocals on the tune "ISA". Thanx L-G! Grutle did some guest vocals on their "Left Hand Path".

Some great pics from the gig in Cologne at this location. Some pictures form the gig in Poland here

More pics coming soon.

New upcoming gig - 04/10/06 16:28

Enslaved will perform at the Ålborg Metalfestival in Denmark.
More info under "Events".

European tour dates confirmed & added to event section! - 21/08/06 09:26

Alright! Due to an avalanche of things happening outside Enslaved's control, the final dates for the European tour in September have not been available. Now they are!

There has been some modifications along the way, but that's minor details that deserves no further attention. A statement from the band will follow in short time. They are eagerly looking forward to getting back on the road, that much of an understatement can be given immediately!

See the updated list of European live dates here: Events

Enslaved live on web-tv - 15/08/06 03:22

Enslaveds gig at the Øyafestival in Oslo, Norway was filmed by norwegian broadcasting and are free to watch in August here: Enslaved live
Click "torsdag" (Thursday) and then "Enslaved" at the column to the right side of the screen to see it. Since it is a pretty big file, a good connection is an advantage. Enjoy!

New festival confirmed - 17/07/06 22:06

Enslaved will play at the Lost Weekend Festival the 5th of August. More info in the Events-section.

New interview with Grutle and Herbrand online - 12/07/06 21:28

Pål Johansen from IronMaidenNorway had a chat with Grutle and Herbrand and the outcome can be found here

Pictures from the Quartfestival online. - 11/07/06 15:44

Check this (dropmeny, click the pointer and choose Enslaved) and this locations for fresh pics from the gig.
The latter link does also include pics from the bands gig at Hole in the Sky 2005 where the band performed the entire "Eld"-album and pics from the gig at Bergenfest in 2005 where the band recorded the "Return to Yggdrasill"-DVD.

Enslaved live from the Quartfestival - 11/07/06 15:40

The Norwegian National broadcasting (NRK) filmed Enslaved at the Quartfestival last Saturday. It is supposed to be aired this Thursday (the 13th of July) at 22.00 at the program "Lydverket".
It is also possible to see it at web-tv (requiers username and password, but is free)at this location: lydverket

Choose "NRK nett-tv", choose "ny bruker" in the top menu and get registered.

Dublin date added to UK dates! - 08/06/06 11:31

Enslaved will start of their upcoming "RUUN" European tour in Dublin on September 5th. See the Events section for details and tickets!

Newsletters #2 and #3 released! - 06/06/06 19:53

Drummer Cato Bekkevold (#2) gives an exotic report from his trip to Ascension Islands fighting leviathans and guitarist Ivar Bjørson celebrates 6.6.06 (#3).

See the Press Central for the newsletters.

One new & one "old" video available here at - 03/06/06 20:06

"Path to Vanir", the 1st video from "RUUN" is now available for viewing online. In addition, video for "ISA" titletrack is also availbale while you're at it. Go to the Press Central to check them out.

Both videos are also available at Enslaved's official Myspace site (

Enslaved at the Midnattsolfestivalen (The Midnight Sun Festival) - 30/05/06 18:23

Enslaved will perform at Midnattsolfestivalen
(The Midnight Sun Festival) at Lakselv, Norway the 22nd of July. This gig will be by far the furthest north the band has ever played, and they look foreward to play in the midnight sun.

New song added to Enslaved's MySpace site - 26/05/06 10:02

The song "Path to Vanir" from "RUUN" has been added to Enslaved's official Myspace site: More new songs will be added onwards!

New web-meetings with the boys - 08/05/06 12:16

Ivar and Cato just finished a web-meeting with TV2 here in Bergen, and the outcome can be seen at this location (Norwegian language, sorry).
Besides that, another web-meeting will take place with the newspaper Dagbladet today at 14.00 CET. Send in your questions!

First dates for Enslaved’s ”RUUN Tour” official: UK dates confirmed! - 30/04/06 15:59

Peersen Productions, Tabu Records, Candlelight Records and the Agency Group presents:
ENSLAVED "RUUN UK Tour 2006" w/ Zyklon, 1349 & Keep of Kalessin

Enslaved will open the “RUUN” world tour with a UK leg starting on Thursday September 7th in Colchester, followed by dates in Sheffield, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and ending with a grand show at the Mean Fiddler, London on Tuesday September 12th.

The billing will be of historical proportions and strength; Enslaved/ Zyklon/ 1349/ Keep of Kalessin. This is one you can’t afford to miss!

See the Events section for info, tickets etc.

15th Anniversary and - 28/04/06 22:11

"RUUN" is causing a tidal wave of positive response all over the world even before it is released. Reviews, feedback and expectations are at a level only possible to describe as fantastic. Even beyond imagination. Much like the record itself.

Enslaved will celebrate "RUUN"'s release in parallel with the band's 15th anniversary party at Garage in their Norwegian hometown Bergen on Saturday May 13th.

Doors will open 19.00, and Enslaved will be on stage 21.00 sharp, presenting material from "RUUN" as well as from their entire history.

To top it off, friends will go on stage and play some of Enslaved's classics in their very own versions as a way of paying tribute (or pulling legs, either way). These friends include bands like Vreid, El Regn, Cat Call, Emmerhoff & the Melancholy Babies, The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band, Sagh, Osbcure (feat. ex-Enslaved member R. Kronheim) and possibly more. In addition to this, DJs Torgrim (H.I.T.S., Jern & Metall, Dagbladet), Asbjørn Slettemark (PYRO, Faro) and otherds will play tunes from Enslaved's favorites and sources of inspiration.

In other words; the entire Garage club will turn into a frenzy for the entirity of this night. Be there!

Tickets for sale at Garage and Apollon.
Price: NOK 140
Doors: 19.00 (Enslaved on stage 21.00!)

For more info, see the Events section.

Special live soundtrack appearance at the Norwegian Short Film Festival Saturday June 17th - 28/04/06 21:50

Enslaved will make an historical appearance at the Norwegian Short Film Festival (June 15th-20th), in Grimstad (in the very south of Norway).

On Saturday June 17th Enslaved will play live as a live soundtrack to the classic Norwegian silent movie "Terje Vigen" (Victor Sjöström), a silent movie based on of Henrik Ibsen's poem.

This will be an utterly special event, as the concert/ viewing will take place outdoors at night!

For more info/ tickets/ fesitval info, see the Events section.

ENSLAVED confirmed for the Slottsfjell Festival - 28/04/06 21:27

Enslaved is confirmed for the Slottsfjell Festival 2006, located in Tønsberg - close to capitol Oslo. Enslaved will play Friday July 21st. The festival features many of musical genres, and this year they have their strongest metal profile thus far. For more info, see the Events section.

Confirmed for Storåsfestivalen 2006 - 22/03/06 14:25

Enslaved is confirmed for Storåsfestivalen 2006, located in the middle of Norway - kind of close to Trondheim. The festival features all kinds of musical genres, and has also become famous for its close interaction with the surrounding wilderness and nature. For more info, see the Events section.

Newsletter released - 28/02/06 17:25

In this first newsletter published through, Ivar Bjørnson reveals details from the "RUUN" recording as well as the video recording session for tracks "Path to Vanir" and "Essence".

Click here to read it.

Material for two videos recorded! - 27/02/06 13:45

Enslaved has just returned to base in Bergen, after a hectic weekend in the wilderness. They recorded material for two videos to support their coming "RUUN" album (album due to be released May 8th '06). The first video "Path to Vanir" will be released before the end of March '06, while follow-up video "Essence" will be out there during mid-summer.

More info will follow in a newsletter (1st one to come from Ivar Bjørnson's pen) to be released very soon (during week 9), here at

More gigs confirmed and prelisteningparty for "Ruun" - 17/02/06 13:30

Enslaved will perform at the Quartfestival in Kristiansand in Norway this summer. Check the Event-section for more info.
Apart from that, "Ruun" is finally finished. The first chance to lend ear to the new album will be at a listeningparty for specially invited guests and press taking place in Oslo the 3rd of March.

Interview with Ivar on Rock Hard DVD - 08/02/06 17:05

During the kickoffparty for the Infernofestival, Rock Hard had an interview with Ivar. Apart from that they also filmed the kickoff, where over 40 musicians in different lineups from various Norwegian bands played 16 coversongs from Slayer, Iron Maiden, Sepultura, Sodom, Destruction, Venom, King Diamond etc. Cato handled the drums on "Where Eagles Dare" with Iron Maiden and "Dead Skin Mask" with Slayer. Check out the DVD in the April-issue of Rock Hard from Germany!

Statements from the band - 08/02/06 12:51

Ivar (guitars and fx):
“Me and Grutle have worked out a concept I feel is related to both the “old” Enslaved sphere and our new universe; tradition and heresy, logic and metaphysics – side by side. The material is strong willed and seems to live a life of its own; it is out of our hands at this point. It is my hope and belief that old and new listeners will enjoy the album. I know we will. We are very grateful for working with Johnny Skalleberg during recording, Mike Hartung in the mix and for being backed and followed up by Roffe and Tabu Recordings every step of the way.”

Herbrand Larsen (keys and vocals):
””RUUN” is more extreme in all aspects; sound wise, the riffs, the melodies, harmonies and disharmonies. “RUUN” is all that and more!”

Grutle (vocals and bass):
””RUUN” contains the most successful and efficient lyrics seen in Enslaved ever. The concept is more developing and interesting. We spent a lot time pre producing vocal arrangement, which has resulted in a perfect integration with the sound landscape. Every instrument and voice has founds its own orbit within the sound. However, should you not be into newer Enslaved, feel free to put “Frost” once again.”

Arve (guitar):
”This is by far the best Enslaved record to date. The production is more powerful than before. We have put more effort into the recording sessions, and this shows. Some new instruments and techniques have been used, which gives this record a more colorful sound.”

Cato (drums):
“The recording was sooo smooth, and I must say thanx to Johnny for his work! And this time I also did some pre-prod in Portugal with my old pal from Re:aktor, NexionD which was very helpful for all of us.
Ivar’s gift as a songwriter never stops surprising me, and it’s a privilege to play in such a great band. Musically, we don't break rules, just invent new ones.
We didn’t have to rush anything during any process, so I’m confident about this one!"

"Ruun" in its final stage - 07/02/06 21:36

"Ruun" is almost ready! The final mixes are being made at this very moment in Propeller Studio in Oslo. The band produces the album themselves, with Mike Hartung as leader of the pack. Mastering will take place in Sweden immedeatly after the mix is finished.
Later in February the band will make not one, but two videos from "Ruun".

More news - 07/02/06 12:07

Enslaved are confirmed for more festivals. See the "Event"-section for more info. The guys especially looks foreward to play on the Øyafestivalen in Oslo, Norway the 8th or 10th of August. It's a big outdoor festival and one of the bigger events in Norway during the summer.

Apart from that, this weekend the band will play two shows in Tromsø, Norway during the by:larm festival + an exclusive unplugged session live on Norwegian radio. No amps, no drums, just pure acoustic music.

Enslaved in studio for new album - 09/01/06 22:21

ENSLAVED Press release January 9th 2006

GREAT NEWS!! ENSLAVED has entered Amper Studios (Oslo, Norway) to record their next album which is entitled “RUUN”. They’ve only been in studio for a week yet they already feel confident that this will be a monumental album! The drums are finished, and the guitars are being recorded at this very moment.
”The songs are stronger than ever, we’ve found the ultimate studios and the guys in the band are in very high spirits. Now it’s just a matter of working as hard as body and mind permits” says guitarist and composer Ivar Bjørnson. First two song titles to be revealed are the two to-be video songs: “Path of Vanir” and “Essence”.

“RUUN” is due to be RELEASED on MAY 8th 2006 (Tabu Recordings). The album will be mixed in Propeller Studios (Oslo, Norway) by Mike Hartung and finally mastered in Cutting Room (Stockholm, Sweden).

“You’re asking how “RUUN” sounds compared to “ISA”?
-You tell me!” says Bjørnson.

New festival confirmed - 01/11/05 14:31

Enslaved will play at the Arnhem Metal Meeting Festival the 26th of November. Check the Eventsarea for link and details.


We don´t think it is necessary with a warning before opening the link below, but that this case is shocking - no doubt about it. The guys in Enslaved are looking forward to some information on what Sony Ericsson´s customers actually can take.


ENSLAVED is confirmed to appear at Party.San Open Air 2006. The festival takes place on August 10th-12th 2006. We will inform you of the accurate day and time when we have it!


ENSLAVED's "Return to Yggdrasill - Live in Bergen" live DVD is out and is allready a success! The DVD entered Norwegian music-DVD sales-charts on an amazing 8th position during the first week of its release.

The DVD was recorded in Bergen during the Bergenfest Fesitval May 2005, and was produced by TEH PROD ("Isa" music video, several music videos for a.o. Octavia Sperati, Audrey Horne, Brimston ++). It focuses mainly on "ISA" material, but also contains material from the albums "Frost", "Monumension" and "Below the Lights". In addition to the actual concert, the DVD includes the "ISA" music video, an interview with the band and a rather silly documentary from the European ISA-tour 2005 (no extravaganza, no subtitles and to be honest: pretty pointless. But VERY entertaining).

Get "Return to Yggdrasill - Live In Bergen" live DVD from your local music shop, or get it online from for instance


The partnership with booking agent TikTak has been terminated; we wish to thank our agent Kristoffer K. Endresen at TikTak for co-operation, and wish him luck in his new line of work.

ENSLAVED's new agent is Goldstar Music , who will handle booking for ENSLAVED in the Nordic countries. Work is being done to close a new deal for bookings outside the Nordic countries.

On that note, ENSLAVED has also signed an exclusive management contract with Norwegian TEH PROD (who produced the "ISA" video and "Return To Yggdrasill-live in Bergen" live DVD).

See the Contact page for details.


Enslaved will headline a showcase for Norwegian metal during the coming POPKOMM in Berlin. The showcase will take place on Wednesday Sept 14th at the Knaack Club in Berlin. Other bands appearing are Red Harvest, Maddem Mortem and Audrey Horne.


At the last moment, ENSLAVED has been announced as replacement for Mnemic at this year's Motstøy-festival in Notodden, on Saturday 3rd of September. Enslaved will be on stage at 22.30. Be there!


Enslaved wishes to thank all the fans and festival goers for being there and making Enslaved's debut at Roskilde a legendary one.
Also a big hail to Sunn O))) and Isis for great gigs, a memorable press conference and a great time in general!

Transcript from the Enslaved/ Isis/ Sunn O))) forum/ pressconference is available in the Press Central.

Some images from Roskilde done by Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten is available in the Gallery section.

Also check out these pictures from

ENSLAVED AT ROSKILDE 2005 - 27/06/05 22:41

As earlier stated; Enslaved is scheduled to appear 14:30 at the Odeon Stage on Friday July 1st.

The same evening Enslaved will invite journalists and fans to witness an open forum, a sit-down, with members of Enslaved, Isis and Sunn O))). The event will take place 8:30 pm / 20:30 at the Indie Area in the Open Media Village near the Pavilion Stage.


The shows in Greece on July 5th and 6th are cancelled. Today (June 23rd) Enslaved's agent got a mail from promoter Manos telling us it is off. We made an agreement several months ago, but Manos decided to make travel arrangements last week (!).

First the festival in Tessaloniki on June 6th got cancelled because they couldn't find tickets for the headliners out of Greece. Today they cancelled Enslaved from the festival on June 5th (Athens) because when they finally looked for tickets, they got expensive (like they normally do close to departure).

Are you disappointed? So are the Enslaved guys... Drop Manos a line if you need further details to why Enslaved got cancelled:

Urgent!! - 17/06/05 18:45

The schedule has been changed for Enslaveds gig at the Roskilde festival!
Last news is that Enslaved will perform Friday the 1st of July at 14.30.
BUT, this can still change, so for those of you who will be at the festival, make sure to check out the latest programme updates!

Some pictures from Hungary - 14/06/05 15:33

These great pictures were taken during Enslaveds gig at the Wigwam club in Budapest, Hungary, the 13th of March this year. Enjoy! Underground Magazine

Unique performance at the HITS-festival - 14/06/05 14:41

Enslaved is planning to perform the entire "Eld"-album at their show at the Hole In The Sky-festival the 26th of August. This will be the first and last time ever for this specific concept. More info under the "Events"-section.

New live-DVD almost ready! - 14/06/05 14:35

The new live-DVD entitled "Return to Yggdrasil" (Live in Bergen) is almost finished. To those of you concerned about the picture- and soundquality, the word goes this will be so much better than the "Live Retaliation"-DVD! The DVD will hopefully reach the shops in early autumn.

Live-DVD coming up soon - 09/05/05 14:07

The gig Enslaved did in Bergen the 4th of May was taped and filmed, and will soon result in a brand new DVD released by Tuba. Some bonusmaterial from the band's European tour and an interview will also be included on the DVD. The DVD is produced by Tonje Elisabeth Hansen for TEH Productions (CV includes music videos for Enslaved, Audrey Horne, Octavia & Brimstone). The sound will be handled by Lars Klokkerhaug (mixed ISA) and the editing of the footage by Stig "Ese" Eliassen (guitarist of Vreid), so both sound & picture are in the best hands. More news about the DVD as soon as they appear!

Some new reviews - 25/04/05 00:37

Metal Observer

Metal Storm

Lord of Metal

Chronicles of Chaos

This one is for the Germans:

Metal Glory

A Scandinavian review:

Scandinavian Metal

There is always a chance to dig these:



Listening to the haunting and freezing soundscapes of “Return To
Yggdrasill” and rest of the record more or less in this progressive
vein, Enslaved’s newest opus “Isa” is an auditory journey where no one
dares to go. The ten numbers adding up to an hours worth of music is a
sincere testament in the quintet’s desire to forge ahead with quality
heavy, black metal without turning back and becoming stagnant like many
of their counterparts. I found every song on this album radiating with
so much brilliance that the light emanating through every enchanting
pulse embedded in “Isa” carried me away to worlds beyond imagination.
Enslaved are so engrossed in what they do, and they do it well cause
you’re prone to feel their turbulent but subtle energy surges. For this
reason and others, Enslaved has taken black metal to more of a
progressive level, and “Isa” sets the groundwork for the future of
extreme metal with no boundaries and genre defining labels.

“Isa” rules!

Sarjoo Devani
MANIC Music & Distribution

Apart from that, "ISA" got "Ugens Monsterdrøn" (Explosion of the Week" in danish language):

Norske Enslaved er både udfordrende, progressive og bistre på deres nye vellykkede album, "ISA", mener Kong Kent.

Enslaved – "ISA" (Tabu/Target)

De eksperimentelle nordmænd fra Bergen har været en fast bestanddel af den norske metal scene siden 1991, og her 13 år senere udsender de så deres mest modne og progressive album til dato, "ISA".

Jo, der bliver eksperimenteret meget på skiven, og alligevel holder Enslaved et jerngreb om stilen som stadig er en kold, bister og aggressiv norsk metal.

Albummet er produceret i det legendariske Grieghallen Studio hvor Mayhem og Emperor også har indspillet musik med bl.a. Eirik Hundvin (ja, far til Mia Hundvin, den norske håndboldspiller!), der er medproducer på pladen. Desuden medvirker Abbath fra Immortal på ”Lunar Force”, en skæring der får det til at løbe koldt ned af ryggen. Et nummer i ren black metal stil, og alligevel med plads til eksperimenter i det atmosfæriske.

Den tordnende symfoniske, men samtidig indædte old school stil kombinerer flot to verdener, og fortjener mere end én gennemlytning før den endelige dom fældes. For skiven kan virke ugæstfri ved første lyt, men den gror på sig og holder hele vejen hjem.

Karakter: 10/10

- Kong Kent

Apart from that, the "Isa"-album got 5 out of 6 stars in "Target magazine in Denmark (impossible to screen)

But, the band are still happy though...

Keep it up, U loonies!

Web-master of disaster

New gigs in Greece confirmed - 22/04/05 18:53

Two more gigs this summer are confirmed. We will play in Athens and Thessaloniki the 5th and 6th of July. As soon as we have more details and links they will be found in the "Events"-section.

What a year!! - 19/04/05 22:09

After a decent amount of awards for "ISA" Enslaved did a gig on the Inferno kickoff in London. For reviews and pics check:

-Rockers Digest:

-Blog Critics:



-Nocturnal Hall Magazine:

-Grim Magazine:

In early February Enslaved hit the road for a five week tour with fellows and labelmates Vreid from Norway. Some funny stories and ugly pictures at their homepage as well. Check it out, and also check the opus "Kraft" from this great band!

For pics and reviews check out:

Pics & crowds feedback from the last gig in Aarhus, Denmark

17/2 at Nijmegen, Holland

Pics from Zagreb

Another review from Nijmegen
(english version optional)

Apart from that, there are a number of reviews and pics at

this search

(translation possible by yahoo, but warnings for silly language!!)

First reviews from USA:


(scroll down for review)

Check also this one out:


(scroll down for review)

Check our "Event"-section for upcoming updates on gigs.

Back online! - 09/04/05 11:18

Finally we're back online with A lot of events have happened since then. Enslaved won the BT-award, the Bergen-award, the Alarm-award and Spellemannsprisen, Norwegian Grammy in the metalcategory. Four awards out of four nominations isn't bad, huh?
Apart from that Enslaved have been on a successfull tour with labelmates Vreid in feb-march 2005. Links will be added soon (not kidding) Updated bio is available in the Biografi section. Stay tuned, take care.

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